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Industrial Energy Systems

Smart Supply & Energy Efficiency at the Factory Level

Be at the forefront of energy strategy

Attendees seeking energy management solutions will be particularly interested in Industrial Energy Systems, a special feature which premieres at HANNOVER MESSE USA 2018. Presenting innovations driving energy efficiency and ensuring power quality in manufacturing, this special area covers all the latest trends in the energy industry.

Many manufacturing companies do not track their energy consumption or take energy management into consideration when creating strategies. This is even though energy is a significant variable cost and that fuel price fluctuations can affect operations, profits, and cash flow. At the same time, energy management is becoming more and more important due to recent environmental, social, and business trends, intensifying corporate environmental performance expectations, and innovations in renewable energy technologies.

Manufacturing companies need to consider energy in their resilience and business continuity planning. An effective energy management strategy — in addition to public commitments to reduce emissions and embrace renewable energy options — can also provide a competitive advantage that presents new opportunities for value creation and differentiation.

In the past, quality was an outlying concern and IT was just a cost center. But now quality is table stakes and fluency with big data analytics is critical. Energy management is on the same track, becoming a key factor of business success.


  • power engineering, energy management, building automation, power grid and power quality technology as well as power supplies / ups
  • energy management systems, software and services
  • testing and measuring technology
  • capacitors and filters
  • switches and circuit breakers
  • switchgear
  • transformers
  • enclosures and cabinets
  • busbars
  • cables and cable processing


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