THONI-ALUTEC Aluminium Foundry

Based in Poland, with excellent transport links to Europe, America and Asia. Thoni Alutec has 1960 highly skilled employees engaged in the production of Precision Aluminium Castings. Thoni Alutec has seen significant investment and expansion in the last few years and now offers complete casting solutions from design, encompassing casting, machining, surface finishing and assembly, a complete supply chain.

Castings are used in many different Engineering applications and with the correct design can be a more cost effective option than Machining from solid, fabrications or forgings. Castings integrate with other products / materials very well. With the introduction of new advanced technologies more complicated, larger challenging parts can be produced.

Markets currently served by Thoni Alutec are:

  • Aerospace
  • Energy (renewable and fossil)
  • Power generation
  • Railway
  • Marine & defence
  • Robotics & process machines
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • General engineering & architectural

From initial casting design, pattern shop, foundry, heat treatment and machine shop through to assembly, Thoni Alutec supplies aluminium castings from < 1kg and up to ten tones in weight. The integration of all processes in-house, provides short delivery times and a high level of quality. Only Primary grade aluminium is cast provided by certified suppliers. Thoni Alutec offers re-design of current steel and cast iron parts into aluminium castings.

Casting processes are Precision Sand casting, Low pressure die casting and Gravity die casting, using our vast experience and knowledge we will only recommend the optimized process that best fits the customer needs. Process choice is dependent on many issues ranging from casting design, strength, surface finish, dimensional tolerance and volumes.

Our employees and processes are certified acc. to the following standards:

  • AS / EN 9100
  • EN ISO 9001
  • IRIS
  • EN 473
  • EN 4179
  • ICS EU Dual-Use- Regulation No. 428/2009

Thoni Alutec undertakes numerous actions to prevent or limit any emissions to the environment. Waste and surface water is treated, extracted air is filtered and noise pollution is targeted. Recycling is a key philosophy with over 95% of the sand reclaimed as well as waste heat from the foundry processes being recycled and used to heat offices and key areas of the factory