Sumitomo Drive Technologies Fine Cyclo Series

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Re-Introduces the Fine Cyclo Series to the North American Market

Sumitomo Drive Technologies, a global brand under the Japanese based Sumitomo Heavy Industries and a leader in the Power Transmission industry, looks to establish a foothold in the Motion Control market.  With a comprehensive lineup of Power Transmission products, Sumitomo has been a leader in the North American market for over 50 years.  With it’s unique Cyclo product, Sumitomo offers an unconventional gearbox which utilizes Cycloidial technology instead of standard helical or planetary gearing.

Through years of research and development, Sumitomo has been able to take this same technology and leverage it across multiple product lines, creating a comprehensive product offering that covers everything from large industrial gearing to precision robotics.  “While we’ve had some success in the North American Motion Control market, it’s been in pockets.  We are looking to replicate the success we’ve had in Asia and Europe, and become a force in the Western Hemisphere”, says Phil Zarate, Director of Marketing.

The Fine Cyclo Series incorporates the reliable and efficient Cycloidal technology, but with a zero-backlash offering and multiple mounting configurations. Flange, face, hollow bore, and shafted options provide flexibility for customers designing gearboxes into their equipment.  Multiple sizes and multiple configurations offer a large torque range suitable for nearly any application.  Moreover, Sumitomo’s vast network of engineers and ability to provide customized solutions, means there are no limitations to what applications and industries they serve.

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