Sumitomo Drive Technologies Fine Cyclo Series

Precision, zero-backlash reducers available in a number of configurations and mounting options.

Lifestyle in general has always been changing because of the fast development of Information technologies. Internet, social media, online shopping, video on demand, smart phones, and a high level of connectivity speed up our lives. Products need to be available everywhere at any time. This has a strong influence on the development of high-speed logistic systems and Infrastructure such as factories, storage, ports and terminals, railroads etc. In the Industrial sector, the development of Industry 4.0 has greatly changed machine and plant engineering in recent years.

The Industrial world is increasingly entering an era of automation and labour savings. Companies that want to remain competitive need to optimize their operational and manufacturing processes. Robots, machine tools, and automated factories must be flexible, fast, and individual. This trend to automate all processes even affects the development of modern health equipment. Speed and precision is key. Most industrial processes need high performance precision drives with low and zero backlash.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies understands these growing challenges and offer a comprehensive range of products for high performance tasks. We support our customers with the creation of tailor-made differentiating solutions.

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