RICOH is service innovation!

RICOH Service Advantage has the people, process and technology to stand up a successful service organization in hundreds of countries. For more than 80 years, we have been expanding our geographic reach, developing a professional field services operation and growing into one of the world’s largest technology service providers. Our extensive market knowledge and distribution networks can streamline your approach as you expand into new markets. We don’t take an all-or-nothing view. Our consultative approach helps you discover the best allocation of your resources—from closing the gaps in your product lifecycle management to supporting program execution. We execute on your behalf, saving you the time, money and resources of doing it yourself.

We focus on your success

Service Advantage has demonstrated expertise and leadership in several emerging technologies that touch virtually every industry vertical. Advancements in robotics and automation continue to improve efficiencies throughout the supply chain, intelligent commerce is changing the way companies interact with their consumer, and additive manufacturing/3D printing (AM) is quickly becoming part of many businesses growth strategies. The landscape is constantly evolving with consolidations, mergers & acquisitions and breakthrough discoveries. Our reputation as a global leader, along with our close partnership with private equity, venture capital and corporate investment markets ensures streamlined access to Service Advantage’s unparalleled infrastructure as a service. Whether you are already a global leader, a newly funded startup, or a portfolio manager looking for accelerated operational scale, RICOH Service Advantage is your partner of choice.

Leverage our global service infrastructure

With more than 25,000 worldwide skilled technicians at your fingertips, it’s likely that we already do business in the markets where you’re ready to expand. Not only do our technicians speak the languages that your potential customers speak, they also understand the business conduct and laws in those regions. Below are some additional facts about our global footprint:

  • Founded in 1936, Ricoh has been in business for more than 80 years.
  • We employ 105,000+ employees
  • Our worldwide sales reached $18.7 billion at year end of March
  • ISO27001 standard for information security achieved worldwide.
  • Our technicians maintain all relevant certifications including A+, Net+, MCSE and Mobility+.
  • Vendor and OEM relationships that extend across all industries
  • We are a leader in environmental sustainability

Our mission is your mission

We know that successful business growth requires more than just great product innovation. It also requires exceptional customer service and support. Service Advantage provides a scalable and flexible service support infrastructure for companies of all sizes and stages of growth. Our team will bring you creative strategies and solutions for solving your most complex expansion problems and help you deliver exceptional customer service. Not only do we execute on your current plan, we’re a full partner helping you develop your growth and expansion strategy.

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