Quick-Point zero-point clamping system

As an interface between the machine table and the clamping device, Quick-Point is characterized by a special diversity of variants. Whether round, rectangular or square in shape, Quick-Point offers two different grid systems 52 mm and 96 mm for a suitable solution for every application, even for clamping towers in horizontal machining centers. The mounting of the zero point plates on the machine table is equally flexible. Several possibilities are available to the user. From the prefabricated borehole pattern for common groove spacing, through the conventional clamping with clamping claws, up to the individual borehole pattern, there are no limits to the design possibilities.

All Quick-Point zero point plates have the actuation via a patented rod system in common, either mechanically as standard or pneumatically as an alternative option. Another feature they have in common is the construction height of only 27 mm, as well as a repeatability of 0,005 m. Because of this precision and the holding force of 4,500 kg or 6,000 kg, the Quick-Point zero point clamping system meets the requirements that are demanded in the machining industry – highest precision, flexibility and process reliability.

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