Double your CAD Productivity with Physna


Stop by booth 121700 (Level 2 of the East Building) to see a live demonstration of Physna. We will show you how Physna, at a minimum, can double your CAD productivity using insanely powerful shape search. Think of “Autofill” but for 3D








Physna can:

  • Find models based on shapes and patterns
  • Find models based on features (e.g. hole sizes)
  • Find parts within assemblies
  • Highlight differences and similarities between models
  • Automate standard compliance
  • Determine whether a CAD model can be manufactured by your company, what machine/line/location can produce the file
  • Set tolerances
  • Identify changes between versions
  • Search
  • And much more

Physna is lightning fast and is available as a plugin for most major CAD programs, or can operate as a standalone product. It is also available as either an on-site or cloud-based solution. Best of all: Physna normalizes data from various file formats, so no matter how many CAD programs and file formats you use, Physna will work throughout your entire enterprise.

Check out our video at: