Nikola Labs Technology

Nikola Labs’ wireless power technology is based on a novel RF energy harvesting circuit invented by CTO Dr. Chi-Chih Chen, while he was a research professor at OSU’s world-renown Electroscience Laboratory. The technology, known as radio frequency to direct current (RF to DC), works by sending a RF signal from an existing or dedicated transmitter to a receiving device that interprets radio waves into realizable power. The interpretation is done by first capturing the RF energy on an antenna, rectifying the wave, boosting voltage and managing the DC power to charge a storage element of directly operate a device.

HOW A NIKOLA SOLUTION IS CREATED. Ready to get started? Here are the next steps:

  1. Nikola Solutions Engineers visit your facility to evaluate needs and gather required information.
  2. We develop and present a custom predictive maintenance solution for your facility.
  3. Once the solution is approved, we create a production timeline and schedule implementation based on your facility’s availability

Wireless Means Fewer Physical Restrictions for Monitoring

Wiring is not something that will be replaced anytime soon. But Nikola’s wireless power solutions help improve situations and challenges where wiring is inefficient, impractical, or downright dangerous. Some examples include:

  • Remote Locations
  • Extreme Conditions
  • Health & Safety Risks or Concerns
  • Specialized Training or Equipment Requirements

Immediate ROI

Nikola’s goal is to remove as much of the ‘ROI waiting game’ as possible. We know you need to be able to justify costs, and our solutions can help demonstrate ROI quickly by:

  • Allowing your maintenance team to be more efficient and productive
  • Reducing the true and total cost of downtime
  • Extending the life of aging equipment

Alternative to CAPEX

System upgrades can rob other, more needed benefits from a CAPEX budget format. Many times, this results in managers needing to “guess and choose” which upgrades are undertaken.

We have a solution.

While we still offer a CAPEX pricing model with each solution we develop, we also offer monthly service plans that fit in your existing maintenance budgets.