Next generation industrial communication network components

Telegaertner’s innovative connector solutions for fixed or wireless industrial communication networks

With a keen sense for trends, Telegaertner has been continuously developing innovative and comprehensive solutions for industrial and private sector infrastructure for more than 70 years. The increasing integration and automation of production facilities and their various production processes lead to ever increasing demands on passive transmission technology. At the Hannover Fair USA / IAMD Telegaertner launches various new product innovations for data communication in Motion and Drive applications like the new RJ45 MFP8 IE field-assembly connector for solid and stranded conductor cables from CAT5E to CAT6A for high-speed communication with cameras and sensors in robot applications.


The M12x1 X-coded Circular connectors are first choice for fieldbus and Ethernet applications in factory and process automation. Their rugged and compact design combined with 10Gbit/s transmission speed allows future-ready installations Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and CC-link networks. The vast range of Telegaertner´s M12x1 Circular connectors for industrial communication networks gets extended by a field-assembly X-coded cable socket using IDC-contact technology. It´s perfectly suitable for onsite assembly without the need for any kind of special tools to connect horizontal or patch cables with wire insulation diameter AWG22-27 and overall outer diameter 0.22”-0.35”. Building steady and speedy industrial networks could not be any easier.


Fiber backbones in industrial plants are indispensable for bringing bandwidth and network connection to virtually any kind of industrial device. However, connecting Fiber Optic cables to and inside control cabinets is not always easy to achieve. Telegaertner is about to change this with its new “STX Mounting Rail Distributor Modular” will be showcased at the booth for the first time. The new offering includes modular and stackable distributors for 12 and 24 fibers with ST, SC and LC adaptors, either multimode or singlemode versions for breakout/mini-breakout cables and pre-terminated cable assemblies. The adaptors are mounted at a 45 degree angle for ease of operation even in confined spaces.


The innovative 2.2-5 connector series offers very low passive intermodulation (PIM) values, excellent electrical and mechanical performance, while solving the low space requirements of modern antennas, control and automation systems, and general RF applications in confined spaces. A typical 2.2-5 flange saves up to 53% in space compared to 4.3-10 and even 70% over the 7-16 connector. Despite its compact design, the 2.2-5 is designed for low attenuation cables of up to ½ “.


Not only are control cabinets subject to close quarters, nowadays installations in 19” cabinets ask for best space utilization and scalability. The new modular “HD³ panel system” exactly fits these needs. HD³ has it all: high density, high durability, and high diversity. High flexibility is a core proposition as the HD³ modules are available with fiber optic, twisted pair and coax inserts and they can be installed and changed within just a few seconds.


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