Meridian Laboratory – Innovative Maintenance Free Rotary Ground Clamp

Meridian Laboratory’s full lineup of single contact, high current rotary ground clamps provide consistent, maintenance-free contact unaffected by RPM or total number of revolutions.  Unlike conventional, brushed rotary grounds, ROTOCON® MC & MCT Series are arc-free, have zero internal friction, and do not require greasing or any other typical maintenance. All single contact, high current ROTOCON® MC & MCT Series rotary grounds are built with environmentally sealed and corrosion proof housings to ensure an industry leading service life.

Suitable for all environments and applications including welding, electro-plating, cutting, and other high current industrial applications, the ROTOCON® MC & MCT Series is engineered by design to withstand 100% duty cycles in continuous manufacturing and production processes.  The ROTOCON’s brush-free design eliminates issues such as maintaining brush contact, application of conductive greases, and the elevated contact resistance associated with conventional brushed rotary grounds. With the MC Series, you will achieve a more consistent ground, with zero noise or elevated contact resistance over time and revolutions, giving you better welds at lower cost.

All ROTOCON® Slip Rings are brushless, functioning through a molecularly bonded viscous metal film which remains unaffected by speed, provides clean and noise-free electrical signals, and requires zero maintenance.

The MC series is available both in end of shaft and through-bore configurations in a range of amperage levels, dependent on your needs.  For applications requiring high frequency and high current, Meridian Laboratory offers specialized versions to accommodate for temperature rise due to eddy currents.

Watch the video below to see first hand the benefits which ROTOCON rotary grounds can provide.


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