Latest Digital Factory Technologies by IFM

The foundation of Industry 4.0 is utilizing real-time data from the plant floor. Once collected, this data can be analyzed, formulated, and shared to make every aspect of Industry 4.0 a reality.

IO-Link Digital Communication Interface–the Foundation for Sensors to Transmit Information

IO-Link, a digital communication interface, is the foundation for sensors to transmit information and empower the Industrial internet of Things (Iiot).
IO-Link unlocks trapped data in sensors and transmits it via a pure digital signal to the control network using existing wiring. IO-Link provides predictive diagnostic data from the sensor, so better decisions can be made when it comes to the maintenance of your machines without having to stop production for unexpected repairs.

VNB Vibration Monitoring Sensor Detects Changing Conditions of Machinery

Drilling, milling, turning, and grinding are the core operations of most manufactured products. With today’s technology these industrial machines can be outfitted with sensors to automate monitoring their operational worthiness. Using real time vibration monitoring, slight changes in operation can be detected and potential machine damage or failure avoided. By detecting vibration level changes when they first occur, ifm’s VNB Vibration Sensors can prevent equipment from failing, reduce secondary damage, and eliminate expensive downtime. This condition monitoring sensor visually sees the condition of a machine, is simple to implement, and protects industrial machinery from wear and damage.

New RFID System for Tracking High-Speed Processes

ifm has developed a digitally connected RFID antenna family using IO-Link technology for tracking and traceability. This enables easy integration into existing controls architectures without the need of a standalone RFID system. It’s as easy as connecting a sensor to an IO-block. Now it is convenient to verify that parts have properly made it through processes and are made to specifications.

3D Smart Sensor – Camera Adds Extra Dimension to Machines

Introducing ifm’s innovative 3D imaging camera for solving common industrial applications such as quality inspections, level sensing, dimensioning, de-palletizing, and robotic pick and place. The O3D Smart Sensor utilizes the pmd Time of Flight principle to quickly and accurately capture an object in 3D and improves accuracy in material handling and robotic applications.

OGD Precision Laser Sensor via Distance Measurement for Error Proofing

What if your optical sensor could see whether a small part was missing, upside down or misaligned before it moved to the next assembly step? ifm’s innovative OGD Series photoelectric sensors are designed with a powerful laser source that can detect deviations in the position of tiny parts via distance measurement. If the object is incorrect, the distance will be a few millimeters more; the sensor detects and signals this deviation. The sensor features IO-Link and a digital display. Improve product quality with the OGD laser sensor for error proofing.

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