Industrial Andons, Wireless Solutions

We provide stock and custom wireless andon solutions to improve visual management, reduce downtime, improve quality, notify support staff and track issues for better resolution planning.

Andon lights can be triggered manually by personnel or automatically by equipment.  Signals are sent to our web based Shop Floor View system enabling you to access the information you need from anywhere.

When an issue arises on the floor, email and text notifications can be sent out immediately and escalation notifications can be sent based off how long the issue goes unresolved.

With our WebMonitor, you can see the status of all your andon lights from any internet enabled device like a phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

All issues are recorded so that you can analyze issues by occurrence and duration.  Incident reports can be filed against issues so you can analyze and group related issues and maximize your support staff’s efforts to best utilize their resources.

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