Why Attend




Transform your manufacturing, focus on sustainability, and stay ahead of competitors with cost- and time-saving processes.



The 114,000-plus square-foot exhibition area at McCormick Place’s East Building will feature more than 500 companies, giving you access to new and/or hard to find cutting-edge solutions across the entire value-added supply chain.


Provided by Peak Performance and the Smart Factory Institute, the Solutions Theater offers an agile space to learn directly from experts currently building smart factories that improve quality while maximizing operational efficiency.


Through immersive education, networking, and business development on the trade show floor, attendees learn through interacting with the products, rather than sitting in a conference room.


The Hannover Messe USA Beer Garden features authentic German décor, food, and beverages, making it a perfect escape from the busy trade show floor to host an informal meeting.


Business leaders that want to discover new ways to solve challenges in the manufacturing process, improve production rates, and increase cost-effectiveness and sustainability of manufacturing. The event unlocks the potential of Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, I-IoT and other industrial aspirations.

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Explore New Pathways

Access a wide spectrum of technologies and services.

Nothing replaces face-to-face interactions, especially when exploring unique predictive, practical, and profitable solutions. The biggest brands are at HANNOVER MESSE USA. If you’re serious about staying competitive and digitizing your company, this is the one place to do business.

Optimize your business

How can Hannover Messe USA make your company more efficient, profitable and cutting edge?

  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Packaging
  • Food & Beverage
  • Logistics (TBD)
  • Science Lab Equipment

Machinery & Equipment

  • Predict why and when a system will fail and bring safety incidents and breakdowns to zero. 
  • Increase internal collaboration among multiple departments with digital twins, machine learning and augmented reality.
  • Reduce staff requirements on the shop floor through automation and remote access to operations.