Hannover Messe USA

The Next Wave of Innovation

HANNOVER MESSE USA 2020, Sept 14-19

Mencom MINI Power Distribution Series Connectors

Various pin configurations and a full line of accessories and T-Connectors are also available.

Mencom 600V power distribution series provides a cost-effective and time-efficient plug and play solution for industrial motors, machines and power applications demanding more power.

Fraunhofer - Manufacturing the Future

The future and prosperity of entire countries depend on the production of goods, just as many jobs in the USA and worldwide. The future of digitalized manufacturing and Industrie 4.0 rests entirely upon the ability to pool expertise and resources. Fraunhofer’s interdisciplinary systems expertise sparks the new ideas that meet the challenges of a changing world and helps create customized solutions right along the value chain.

Industrial Monitors & Touch Screens, Workstations, Keyboards

Standard 3-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, 24-48 hour repair turnaround, & same day dispatch on most models.

NEMA 12/4/4X Panel Mount Monitors range from 12” to 23” in both standard & wide aspect ratios. Fully-enclosed NEMA 12/4/4X Universal Mount Monitors range from 15” to 23” & can be mounted on pedestals anchored to the floor, a wall, or the ceiling.

Metrology has never been easier thanks to 4D Tech

Game Changer from 4D Technology, a FIRST, that puts high resolution measurement on the factory floor

Metrology is critical for process control, if you can’t measure it, you can’t control it.  As I am sure you are aware, selecting the right Metrology can be a complex process.

New Low-Profile Panel Interface Connectors

New design protrudes from the side of the cabinet 75% less than the standard metal housings

The Low-Profile housings are UL listed and provides an IP65 rating. The transparent polycarbonate cover allows users to see which components are within the enclosure with a unique locking mechanism.

IKO International, Inc.
Innovation, Know-how & Originality

IKO products include high precision, maintenance free linear roller ways and high rigidity crossed roller bearings.

IKO’s MXL Master Grade Linear Roller Way reduces fluctuation and is ideal for machines that require ultra-precision linear motion. Our line of crossed roller bearings provide optimal rigidity and efficiency.

Precision moves for almost 100 years already!

Turning is not our only strength.
We turn, mill, grind, hone, broach, shape and assemble.

As a leading manufacturer of turned parts, special ball bearings, components for injection systems, steering and automatic transmissions.

Reich stands for integrity, sustainability and quality as well as steady development.

Industrial Andons, Wireless Solutions

Efficient Manufacturing Solutions

Improve efficiency and reduce downtime with stock and custom Wireless Andon Systems with web-based displays, data collection, reporting and email or text notifications with escalation.

Ace Electronics is Your Best Choice for Industrial Custom Cable Assemblies

For over 20 years, Ace Electronics continues to provide the most reliable custom cable assemblies and electronics for the industrial market.

Ace Electronics specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies and electronics. Ace Electronics is 100% committed to meeting the specialized requirements of our customers to exceed all expectations.

Bluetooth Sponsors Industry 4.0 Solutions Theater

Where the global standard for connection meets industrial automation.

Bluetooth® technology is leading a convergence of industry and information that paves the way for the next industrial revolution. Visit the Bluetooth Industry 4.0 Solutions Theater to see how Bluetooth is connecting critical components of a manufacturer’s value stream to drive new levels of efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Mechanical Two Position Sensor

Designed to detect two positions within one single product. The distance between the two positions can be customized to the user’s application between 0.3mm and 1.5mm. The fixed NC and NO contacts activate with no measurable hysteresis.

THONI-ALUTEC Aluminium Foundry

With approx. 1960 employees, THONI-ALUTEC has become technological leader for aluminium castings.

THONI-ALUTEC produces aluminium sand castings and gravity die castings which are machined  by state of the art CNC machining centers  at our in-house machining facility.

Litmus Automation got awarded

Litmus Automation Named May 2018 Cool Vendor for IoT Platforms by Gartner

Litmus Automation is making headway in the IoT platforms market because we help enterprise customers quickly and easily connect to their varied assets at the edge for a successful IoT deployment

Harnessing the power of the intelligent edge

LoopEdge lets you run applications locally at the edge for quick and effective processing

The benefits of cloud computing are vast, however there is another key development on the horizon as the IoT matures: edge computing.

Experience virtual automation at booth 134554

Radix and Active Industrial Solutions (AIS) – Excellence in intelligent manufacturing solutions

Our precision manufacturing capabilities and advanced technology expertise combine to delivery powerful solutions for Aerospace, Agri-Business, Automotive, Energy, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries.

Industrial Welding with the Rotocon® MC Series

Maintenance-Free Single Contact Rotary Welding Ground Clamp

ROTOCON® High current rotary ground clamps provide consistent and maintenance-free contact and operate completely arc free and without internal friction. Suitable for all environments and applications.

Your Distributor for IIoT and Edge Computing

Integrated Fanless Embedded Computers

WDL Systems distributes all kinds of embedded technologies for Industrial IoT and Edge Computing applications for your business of any size.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Fine Cyclo Series

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Fine Cyclo Series provides efficient and reliable cycloidal technology in a zero backlash gearbox, suitable for all your motion control needs.

Why choose GKN’s PM technology for Industrial applications?

GKN Powder Metallurgy brings advanced powder technology to HANNOVER MESSE USA

GKN Powder Metallurgy, the world’s leading supplier of powder metal solutions, crafts metal powder into high performance components for industrial and automotive applications.

DMP Corporation – Holistic Wastewater Treatment

Taking the Worry Out of Wastewater. Design. Install. Chemical Provider. 100% Accountability

DMP Corporation is a fully integrated wastewater treatment provider with the competencies needed to design, install, provide chemicals and ongoing services for manufacturers.

Economic Blasting Technology for perfect Surfaces

Surfaces are consistently getting more important. Economic shot blasting help reaching the goal.

The German manufacturer of shotblast machines is specialized in individual solutions for this sector. References can be seen within the US.

Robotic solutions for self-organized production

By the use of networking robots, the company approaches the idea of self-organized production.

The Berger Gruppe presents newest developments of robotic grinding, deburring and machining of pieces implementing more and more the idea of self-organized production.

Heckler AG - expand forging boundaries

Solid, asymetrical steel-coldforgings

Heckler AG is a reliable supplier for complex, asymmetrical and solid coldforged high-precision steelparts, mainly for but not limited to automotive applications.

How you like product becoming better than ever, find @CHUEN CHARNG CO LTD.

Do use qualified pressure gauge, do need precision temperature gauge, is customer happy to use your product, does it work application performance, how to make it perfect,  Monitor pressure and temperature and control all the way to worth  money and expand market . Manufacturing CHUEN CHARNG CO LTD, TAIWAN the best choice could not be missed.

Exceptional production flexibility, mass customization

Modular solution unifies robotics with advanced automation delivering OEE, ROI and TCO benefits

This new generation of production machinery is readily adaptable to constant size and format changes. The "Adaptive Machine" is also reconfigurable to radical and unforeseen requirements through corresponding equipment changes.

Quick-Point zero point clamping system

Easy to use, low-maintenance and cost-effective

Set-up time reduction and a high degree of flexibility are the main reasons for an investment in a zero point clamping system to increase the productive time or reduce the downtime of the machine tool.

Solutions to demanding motion projects in the market

Elmo Motion Control is providing solutions for industrial and harsh environment applications

With 30 years of experience, Elmo Motion Control provides unmatched performance, reliability and ease-of-use, offering a one-stop shop for motion control solutions that can answer the needs of any application.

RICOH is service innovation!

Service Advantage provides a scalable and flexible service support infrastructure for companies of all sizes and stages of growth.

Expand your operations with confidence! Partner with us and gain access to our 80 years of professional services and support experience in more than 194 countries and territories around the world.

Latest Digital Factory Technologies by IFM

Designed to help manufacturers improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness

ifm showcases the latest digital factory technologies. Focused on providing real time information, ifm's solutions help implement real time maintenance, quality, and energy efficiency systems.

Michael Koch GmbH

Koch's dynamic energy management solutions complement all electric drives, enabling them to save money, or earn even more. They buffer brake energy, improving the machine's productivity. They also reduce peak loads, and help drives safely over voltage fluctuations and can be used as uninterruptible power supplies. Safe brake resistors complete the range of extremely reliable devices ensuring to keep the drive running smoothly.

Manufacturing automation with collaborative robots

Reliable, effective and versatile, Rethink Robotics’ cobots increase manufacturing productivity

A leader in the development of robots for manufacturers across industries, Rethink Robotics provides automation solutions to help manufacturers automate more while increasing productivity, improving quality and lowering costs.

KTY-Q Series of Torque Motors

Our new KTY series of housed synchronous torque motorssets a new benchmark with regard to maximum drives systems torque and stiffness. It is a useful alternative to geared motors in any application.



Nikola Labs’ wireless power technology is based on a novel RF energy harvesting circuit invented by CTO Dr. Chi-Chih Chen, while he was a research professor at OSU’s world-renown Electroscience Laboratory.


We allow you to customize your own Remote I/O panel that provides flexible, reliable, and affordable automation control and expansion for any industrial, manufacturing, or production process application.


The X-Rail is a family of linear guides with radial ball bearing sliders for applications requiring cost efficiency and high resistance to corrosion.

CC 600 P

The CC 600 P is a flame resistant and self-extinction cable and tear-and abrasion resistant. It can be used for many applications such as machine construction, material handling, and automation for example.


WAGO Adds Shunt Current Measurement to Power Measurement Portfolio.

The 750-494/000-005 uses external shunts to measure current power networks up to 480 VAC. The module can also be used to measure DC voltages up to 277 VDC and high currents on two channels.

Galaxie® Actuator

When we developed the Galaxie®, we subjected drive concepts to a fundamental reassessment. The result: a brand-new gearbox type. Its kinematics enable virtually full surface contact during power transmission.

Leaders in Hydraulic Filtration Solutions Provide New Level of Cleanliness

FG PulseShieldTM  - The New Standard for Hydraulic Fluid Filters

FG filters with PulseShield compression sleeve technology combined with up three Premium Select fiberglass layers increases the dirt holding capacity by as much as 30% in comparison to conventional filter elements.

Innovating the way you automate

Building IIoT-Ready Automation Solutions with IO-Link

Balluff, with its innovative IO-Link lineup, is setting the pace for next generation automation applications that can reap full advantage of our IIoT-ready portfolio to support Industry 4.0. We welcome you to take a glimpse of Balluff technology to see how we can help you simplify your complex automation.

6-Axis MiniBOT Robot & Industrial IoT Gateway

NEXCOM & NexCOBOT offer robotics and industrial IoT automation solutions

NEXCOM/NexCOBOT offer comprehensive solutions to capture data from robots, intelligent machines and smart production line. Open architecture allows machines to work in cohesion and enhance efficiency.

Sprinter ink code-marking machine solutions

Both text (date codes, lot numbers, part numbers, sell by dates, etc.) and various symbols (logos, dots, lines, squares) ink codes can be applied with quick drying inks

Code marking with inks up to 2 square inches in area are offered with 9 standard model Sprinter units

Specializing in Pressure Monitoring & Transmission Technology

SUCO offers a variety of pressure monitoring devices for a variety of different industries. This includes their pressure switches (mechanical and electronic), and Pressure Transducers which are designed to alarm, shutdown, and control many processes and equipment.

Telegaertner’s innovative connector solutions for fixed or wireless industrial communication networks

The increasing automation of production facilities leads to increasing demands on passive transmission technology. At the fair Telegaertner introduces new product innovations for data communication in Motion and Drive applications.

Emulate3D Virtual Commissioning and VR/AR

Build PLC- Connected Virtual Commissioning Models of Machines or Automated Systems in SOLIDWORKS

Take the opportunity to learn more about Emulate3D Dynamic Digital Twin Technology, Virtual Commissioning, and Industrial Virtual Reality and how it can help your business.

mcframe IoT Solutions by BENG

IoT software from the land of Kaizen boasting powerful improvements in machine monitoring, paperless reporting and more.

BENG’s IoT software "mcframe" has supported manufacturers around the world for over 20 years with cutting-edge solutions including machine utilization/OEE monitoring, paperless reporting and analysis, and virtual reality learning.

Efficient Engineering

Understanding the competence of optimized, efficient processes

EPLAN offers services for process optimization, as well as software-based engineering solutions. Syngineer allows engineers from different departments to share information with each other.

Delivering a Trustworthy Industrial IoT

Transforming business and society by accelerating the adoption of the Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet Consortium was founded in March 2014. Now with 200+ member organizations from 30+ countries, we are the world’s leading membership program accelerating the adoption of IIoT.

Efficient Engineering meets Superior System Solutions

Innovation, Automation and Optimization for Industry 4.0

Explore endless system configurations & discover fully automated machining for cut-outs & wire processing brought to you by the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial enclosures, climate control, & power management systems. (not sure on counting spaces, so let me know if you need me to change it)

Where Do You Start Digitizing Your Factory?

ICONICS has been providing IoT solutions before it was even a buzzword. Our flagship GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA product has been connecting equipment and machines for over three decades. We can help you connect your systems, visualize contextualized information, store the historical data, and analyze it all in a unified dashboard to drive intelligent decisions.

BOXCO INC. deserves your visit to booth # 121726

For over 20 years, BOXCO INC has been a trusted producer & distributor of all-purpose electrical and electronic enclosures.

BOXCO enclosures are mainly demanded in Industrial Automaton/ Tele Communication, Networks / Solar energy industry fields and used as distribution box, control box, junction box, switch box and etc.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Fine Cyclo Series

Precision, zero-backlash reducers available in a number of configurations and mounting options.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Fine Cyclo Series provides efficient and reliable cycloidal technology in a zero backlash gearbox, suitable for all your motion control needs.

INSYS MRO-L210 Industrial All-in-One 4G Router

WDL Systems proudly distributes MRO Series Industrial Routers for Industrial IoT Applications  

WDL Systems distributes the latest technology, systems and components for industrial computer markets including: Industrial Automation & Manufacturing, Machine Vision, Edge Computing & Industrial IIoT.

All-in-One Smart Camera

WDL Systems proudly distributes NEON-M Series Smart Camera by ADLINK for Machine Vision & Industrial Applications  

WDL Systems distributes the latest technology, systems and components for industrial computer markets including: Industrial Automation & Manufacturing, Machine Vision, Edge Computing & Industrial IIoT.